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Abraham Lincoln: Discovering an Iconic President

This curriculum unit on Abraham Lincoln was developed for third grade students in the School District of Philadelphia. I thought it would be beneficial for students, at this level, to learn more about Lincoln than just knowing he was our 16thpresident. I placed several strategies for students to grasp the information in a way that would allow them to retain information about Abraham Lincoln.

In addition to the facts about Lincoln, I added lessons on our country’s government and how it operates with three branches when passing an amendment. I focus on the 13thamendment and allow students to act out the process of passing an amendment. Other lessons include, letter writing, comparing and contrasting two presidents, creating a timeline, and designing a memorial.  Each lesson gives detailed information about Abraham Lincoln, which gives students a more in depth look at the life of Lincoln.

The unit is designed to last up to eight to ten days, depending on where your students are with specific skills. I believe the best time of the year to teach this unit is during the month of February when there is focus on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, President’s Day, and the fact that it is African-American History Month.

Teresa Coyle-Kahn

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